The Virtual Camera project

The Virtual Camera project aims to create a virtual mockup for helping with the development of machine vision applications. A virtual mockup is a computer-modelled 3D environment that gives the users means to manipulate synthetic objects and devices in a way that resembles the real environment of some intended application. Such tools are useful for prototyping specific procedures that will take place in the real world, for they give users a more intuitive way of becoming aware of spatial characteristics of real situations through experimentation with the virtual ones.

The Virtual Camera application is written entirely in Java, using the Java 3D API provided by Sun Microsystems. As a byproduct of the project several tools were created that might be of interest to the community of Java 3D developers.

The project has been developed at the Laboratory of Images, Vision and Spatial Structures ( LIVES ) of Senac College of Computer Science and Technology, under the coordination of Joao Eduardo Kogler Junior.